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The 2021 Publishing Planner
for Self-Published Authors

Welcome to the 2021 Publishing Planner!

The author-publisher's must-have planner is back for 2021. This time, with DATED and UNDATED versions!

By popular demand, this year’s edition features 12-months of tracking, blank annual planner pages, social media post tracking, more goal management, and quarterly check-in reviews with space for your thoughts - comprising pages and pages of planning goodness!

"A tested, tried, and simple solution taking the guesswork out of your publishing business."

Here’s what’s inside:

Available in DATED and UNDATED versions!

2 Years at a Glance:
2021 & 2022

5 Quarterly Reviews:
Q4 2020 – Q4 2021*

12 Months of Monthly Overviews:
Jan – Dec 2021*

12 Months of Week at a Glance:
Jan – Dec 2021*

24 Title Launch Tracking and Planning pages

12 Annual Planning Blank Pages
(For use in series planning, blog planning, sales and promo planning, YouTube video recording schedule, basically, whatever you want to view in an annual way.)

Lots of room for notes and scribbles

*The undated version of our planner includes all of these page layouts, but in a non-dated format. Also, the quarterly reviews are at the end of the weekly and monthly pages so you're not bound push ahead over unused pages when it's time for your quarterly review.

We hope you find your planner to be a worthwhile addition to your indie publishing business.

Here's to a fantastic year!

There is so much that needs to be managed as an author-publisher, and our goal is to have it all in one place.

A sample of what's inside... 

sneak peek

Customer Reviews!

"Every author needs this! This publishing planner is so helpful and such a great tool! Before using this book, I was a mess. Used a desk calendar to track my deadlines, but lacked organization on all my other writing and marketing requirements. Just after one month of using this planner, everything clicked! I've now planned out and strategized my entire year of marketing, ads, sales and of course, publishing dates. A great tool that every author should have at their disposal."

"My go-to for the Publishing Schedule. This is my second year with the Author's Publishing Planner. I not only have to manage my own releases, but the releases of a few authors contracted under my small micro-press. This planner has been a gamechanger for me when it comes to keeping myself on track. The added weekly layout is a huge plus as it means I won't have to keep a second planner for the weekly publishing schedule. If you are publishing, especially if you have several projects going on at once or have several projects hitting publication each year, this planner is a must!"

"This is an excellent organizer to help keep track of the myriad of details of writing, editing, and marketing that are part of a writer's life. The layout allows me to be non-linear when I need to brainstorm my plans, and still create the lists I have to check off as I work through them. It's been extremely helpful and a good time-saver because my "Oops" are significantly reduced."

"I often lose track of important papers but with this, I don't have to worry about that anymore. All my notes can be kept in one place. There's room to schedule launches, keep track of all the details, plan giveaways, newsletters, and just about everything else that a small/indie publisher needs."

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